Routine Foot Care

Foot Feet Podiatrist Routine Care Debridement Scalpel
Scalpel debridement of overgrown skin
A routine foot care appointment includes cutting, clearing and filing all nails with sterilised podiatry tools. If necessary, removal of callouses and corns (hard skin) with a scalpel will be performed. Although it sounds painful, most people are surprised by the lack of discomfort and enjoy regular appointments.

Removing corns and callous' provides great relief. Callous is a direct indication of pressure and this will tell the podiatrist whether there is a joint restriction or a compensation in the foot or ankle due to an underlying mechanical problem.

A routine appointment is different for each individual and may be required every 4-10 weeks. The Podiatrist will be able to identify fungal nails and advise on best treatment or more appropriate footwear if further offloading is needed.